Get the latest (or historic) versions of the windows application here.

  • Racelights RC9 – Minor bug fixes (Dec 10 2017). This is expected to be the final release candidate.
  • Racelights RC8.5 – Minor bug fixes (December 7, 2017). Keep your config.ini file, and replace the one in this zip folder with your original.
  • Racelights RC8.3 – (Dec 7, 2017) Fixes bug that caused app to crash when the white flag would come out. Backup your config.ini file before using this version, then add your specific settings to this file.
    For version 2.0 hardware – registers spotter notifications by displaying lights showing cars left or right of the drivers car (still in final testing).
  • Racelights RC7.5  – Enabled control of light brightness. Levels can be set from 0 – 100. Settings in config.ini are ‘brightness = 30’ and ‘white_brightness = 20’.
  • Racelights RC6 – further fine tuned manual settings for flashing lights. User can now specify how long the light turns on for, as well as off.
  • Racelights RC5 – ability to change the time ‘between’ flashes for most flags (June 6, 2017 – note major changes to config.ini)
  • Racelights RC4 – added ability to set flashing lights for most flags (June 5, 2017 – note major changes to config.ini)
  • Racelights RC3 – fixed a bug where the software would not run if the shift tone was set to off (May 28, 2017)
  • Racelights RC1 windows application first release edition (V1.0- May 22, 2017)


Want to test your light settings? Here is a simple program that can do it for you. It currently only supports changes in the config.ini file to the number of GREEN flashes, the length of time the light is on, and the length of time the light is off. Experiment with GREEN and transfer what you like to the other colours. Copy your config.ini file into the same folder as the light test app and then experiment by changing light settings. Be sure to save the config.ini file after each setting change, and before you press ‘y’ in the light test app each round!

  • Temporarily removed for further testing – Light test app