LED Race Lights for iRacing!

Are you looking to move your racing simulator to the next level?

Flags – Fuel – Shifts

All in one application and hardware platform!

These lights interface directly with iRacing to increase the realism, while providing instantaneous information to help you climb the ranks.

Two options to chose from:

  1.  A 30 LED strip (measuring approximately 19.5 inches 49.5 cm) which displays flag colours that are displayed within the simulation
  2. A 10 LED strip (approximately 6 1/4″ or 16 cm) that displays percent fuel remaining, or it can be used as a custom programmable shift light. It can also be use to display the fuel percent, changing to a shift light when above the custom RPM shift point value, and then returning to fuel percent.

Please see the FAQ page for more details.